National Steel and products quality inspection center technology platform to join China Foundry Asso

Recently, the China Foundry Association executive director units voted to adopt a national steel associations and products quality inspection center for its new members, and as a statutory third-party national testing laboratory services in the Chinese foundry industry. This is the National Steel and products quality inspection center Following joined National Steel Standardization Technical Committee, the National Working Group CNAS proficiency testing, Jiangsu Metallurgical Association and other industry members, once again as a public technical service platform for economic and social services and the development of key industries.
China Foundry Association, it is a national one foundry industry organizations (Corp.), under the State Council, the SASAC. Its function is for the government, member companies to provide services as a bridge between government and enterprises and link to assist the Government improve industry standards, strengthen self-discipline, accelerate industrial restructuring, change the mode of development, promote technological progress and industrial upgrading casting, promote the construction of modern foundry industry cluster. The National Steel and products quality inspection center to become third-party public laboratory into new member association, will be carried out nationwide casting industry products and related accessories type test detection, strengthening and enterprises to develop standards revision, scientific and technical cooperation, enhancing Association Technical Services functions to promote the foundry industry to accelerate the transformation of development has an important role in promoting.
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